Room Controls

Maximize Energy Savings Minimize Complexity

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Your Enseo system is designed to drive down expenses. All you need is a small upgrade. 

How Do the savings Work?

The Industry's Fastest Return on Investment

The most effective savings for energy management systems occur when they are connected to the PMS. This can be expensive to do.

Your Enseo system is already connected to the PMS! By leveraging this existing connection to save on utility costs, savings result in the fastest Return on Investment in the industry.

Quick, Simple Upgrade

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Enseo SBB

Enseo SBB

Enseo MPG

Enseo Touch Thermostat

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Temperature Automation

In unrented rooms, hotels can’t rely on housekeeping to adjust the thermostat or have the unfortunate situation of the next guest walking into a hot or uncomfortable room.

Enseo designs systems to automatically save energy when a room checks out, and then pre-condition the room for the next guest at check-in.

Enseo Thermostats Are:

1. Easy to Install

2. Intuitive for guest use

3. Remotely managed and monitored

Top Benefits


The Industry's Fastest ROI

Reach the maximum energy savings potential as quickly as possible with zero upfront expense

Easy Installation

The most flexible options for refurbishments and solutions to fit a variety of uses

Highly Compatible

Use the equipment you have. Enseo's Room Controls are compatible with many in-room technology devices

Monitoring & Management

Real-time visibility provides actionable data and that systems run efficiently to provide energy savings

Advanced Occupancy Detection

Better data. Enseo monitors more data points with the Room Controls system than any other industry provider.

Sleep Sound

Specifically designed to ensure guest comfort at night by preventing a room from becoming too hot or too cold


your Enseo platform can power Room Controls

Known for In-Room Entertainment, Enseo has developed one of the most innovative and robust technology platforms for hospitality. Using the same, trusted platform, Enseo Room Controls deliver a smart and secure solution that keeps guests comfortable while reducing utility costs for hotels.