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Our platform continuously expands to include multiple solutions that elevate the guest room experience, improve operational efficiency, and simplify technology.

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Improve RevPAR
Elevate Guest Experience
Increase Operational Efficiency
  • The latest internet TV apps available for guests
    Streaming Apps
  • Fast, secure access when and where you need it
    High Speed Internet
  • Guests review charges and check out on the guest room TV
    Express Checkout
  • Monitor the health and status of your Enseo platform in the palm of your hand
  • Remotely manage smart devices in guest rooms
    Fido™ Room Control IoT
  • Maid making a bed in a hotel
    Quickly locate employees in distress when they click a panic button
  • Detail amenities & services through an interactive guest experience
    On-Screen Directory
  • Guests order items such as extra pillows through the TV
    Guest Request
  • Soothing soundtracks with peaceful videos help guests sleep soundly
  • Showcase brand and/or property videos on a dedicated channel
    House Channel
  • A live list of flights from nearby or selected airports
    Flight Data
  • Upgrade the technology experience using existing copper without re-wiring
    iCu® IP over Coax
  • Weather forecasts with zip code searches through the TV
    On-Screen Weather
  • Integrate with on-site robots for room service
    Robot Integration
  • Send messages to guests, groups, or everyone through the TV
    Envoy Messenger
  • Customizable channel lineup of TV content from any provider
    Free to Guest Content
  • Guests cast their own music wirelessly on the guest room TV via Bluetooth®
    Bluetooth® YourMusic
  • Guests connect devices via an HDMI connector to the TV
  • A user-friendly, cost-efficient TV management tool for public spaces
  • Design and manage a library of custom video content
    Curated Content App
  • Housekeepers send maintenance issues directly to engineering via the TV
    Room Ops
  • Guests order food and drinks from custom-designed interactive menus
    In-Room Dining
  • Guests set up Personal Area Networks in their rooms for secure, automatic device connections
    Home Away From Home
One Team. One Platform.

One Powerful Solution

It’s so much more than an entertainment system. It’s a room-operating center, a marketing platform, an engineering platform, a measurement platform and more!