Managed WiFi

The most important hotel amenity

Turn-Key High Speed Internet Access

It’s not just guests who need fast, reliable, secure internet. Enseo’s complete HSIA solution covers your hotel from back-of-house to guest rooms and everything in between.


Guest Rooms & Public Spaces

Guests roam from their room to public areas without re-authenticating.  Includes tiered access levels


Outdoor Areas & Points of Sale

Outdoor access points provide beach goers with Wi-Fi access & hotels with mobile points-of-sale


Conference Areas & Events

Wired & wireless internet access as well as a conference management tool for all conference needs


Back-of-House Operations

Securely and effectively run day-to-day operations with the same high quality service your guests receive

Hospitality never sleeps. Neither should your internet.

High Speed Access Anytime, Anywhere

We designed our HSIA solution to handle large dense crowds, max room capacities, difficult terrain and inclement weather.

So feel confident that your guests can browse at their leisure and enjoy streaming video services while your day-to-day operations continue unhindered.

Leave no hotel, room, or guest behind

HSIA Belongs in Every Hotel

Rewiring is expensive. Enseo’s DOCSIS service provides an alternative solution to re-wiring older or historic hotels at a fraction of the cost.


We’ve installed our iCu product around the world in properties ranging from 30 rooms to 3,000. And the best part? Our data shows that our DOCSIS network is the most reliable hotel solution for consistent internet access.

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