In-Room Entertainment

The convenience of home, everywhere else.

Hospitality's only   Google-Approved

Casting Solution

NevayaCast available for new installations and as retrofit Chromecast solutions

Fast. Convenient. Familiar.

With this partnership, Enseo delivers the Nevaya Cloud platform: a solution approved by Google for the use of Chromecast in hospitality settings. The partnership allows guests to stream their content on in room TVs.

Stronger Security. Direct Support.

Unlike other casting technologies available to hotels, Nevaya is the only fully SaaS cloud platform: that means reliability for you and your guests as well as remote monitoring, management, and updates. The technology is also more secure, having been through Google’s detailed security process.

Most Popular Streaming Apps

Custom Welcome Screen

Interactive Program Guide

Live TV with Channel Banner

Customized Hotel Directory

Stun Your Clients

with the content guests want

Get live TV including linear channels and premium channel upgrades. Plus get the most popular streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube directly on the guest room TV.


The best remote is your own device

No Downloads! No Wi-Fi! No Logins! Just scan a QR code on the TV.

enseoCONNECT instantly lets guests use their smartphones control their technology experience.

The most important content in the guest room

Supporting Your guests' digital libraries

Access to guests’ personal media libraries and streaming services is a must for today’s travelers.


Enseo prioritizes this crucial amenity by securing direct licenses with the most popular applications. Our partnerships allow us to bring these services to the guest room TV with the highest quality. No matter the content source, Enseo supports it.

Enseo Apps

Entertainment is just the beginning.

Want an on-screen, custom library of media content? Enseo has an app for that. Need a way to send messages to guest rooms and groups? Enseo has an app for that, too. 

See below for a few highlights of our wide selection of add-on applications that have you and your guests covered.


Your Enseo sales rep is always happy to help.

CORE by Enseo, Connected Hotel Room

Advancing over time

With Enseo, the Upgrades come standard

The constant need to replace repurposed consumer devices locks hoteliers into a cycle of needing a new solution every few years.


At Enseo, we see value in supporting each hotel’s individual technology ecosystem. Our platform is designed to fit into your hotel’s tech space and support upgrades as it ages. It’s one initial investment that provides lasting, dependable results.