Senior Living TV Systems By Enseo

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Welcome to the future of senior living entertainment and communication with Enseo’s Senior Living TV. Designed for the unique needs of senior living communities, managed TV services provide a seamless, user-friendly experience that enhances residents’ daily lives while offering significant benefits to community staff and administration.

What is Managed Senior TV?

Managed senior living TV is a comprehensive television service that is centrally managed and provided by Enseo, eliminating the need for individual contracts and setups by residents. Managed TV service offers several advantages over traditional, individual TV services.

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Cost Savings

Residents save money by avoiding individual contracts with multiple providers.

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Simplified Service

Enjoy reliable TV service without the complications of personal subscriptions.

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Easy Setup

Simple, streamlined setup for new residents, making their move-in experience smoother.

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Features tailored to the needs of senior residents, ensuring ease of use and accessibility.


Tailored for seniors. Hassle-free management.

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Comprehensive TV Services

Enseo’s Senior Living TV service includes a wide range of entertainment options to suit all preferences:
Local Channels:
Stay connected with the community and local news.
Customized Channel Lineups:
Tailored channel packages for the entire community, ensuring diverse viewing options.
Premium Channels:
Access to a variety of premium channels for additional entertainment.
Streaming Apps:
Popular streaming applications are integrated, providing access to a vast library of shows and movies.

Centralized Management

Streamline your senior TV service with Enseo’s centralized management for ultimate flexibility and control. 

No more juggling multiple providers. We take care of channel selection, system upgrades, and troubleshooting, freeing up more of your time for what matters most: resident care.

Enseo’s innovative senior TV solutions feature just one remote and a simple, accessible design, allowing users to customize their viewing experiences. 

From a diverse range of channels to popular streaming apps, the intuitive interface puts residents in control, delivering an experience as unique as they are.

Enseo senior living TV systems are crafted with simplicity in mind.

Remotes with larger buttons and clear labeling ensure ample accessibility for residents with vision or mobility impairments. Plus, seamless integration with other in-room technologies facilitates a proactive approach to communication.

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Enseo’s senior living TV systems prioritize inclusivity and accessibility. From large button remote controls to subtitle options and simplified design/layout, every resident can enjoy immersive viewing experiences tailored to their individual needs.

Direct Resident Messaging on the TV

Direct messaging transforms the TV into a communication hub for residents and staff:
  • Community-Wide Notifications – Broadcast general announcements about mail delivery, upcoming events, changes to the dining menu, and more to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Personalized Communication – Whether it’s a notification about a family visit or a gentle reminder about personal appointments, real-time messaging individualizes senior care. 
  • Health and Wellness Check-Ins – Messages sent directly to senior TV screens allow residents to respond promptly, encouraging a more proactive health management approach. 

Delivering personalized messages to residents fosters immediate engagement and connection, ensuring a seamless experience every time.

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Transform Your Community TV

Cost-Effective. User-Friendly.

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Resident Engagement and Interactive Messaging

Enseo’s interactive messaging features empower seniors to interact and engage with their community and improve communication between residents and staff. 
  • Resident Engagement – Encourage connection, camaraderie, and active participation in community life.
  • Wellness Management – Staff can use resident message responses to help gauge overall health and assess immediate needs. 
  • Feedback Collection – Collect feedback on health or services, events, and community experiences to facilitate continuous improvement and boost resident satisfaction and well-being.
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Simplified Billing and Support

With a single, straightforward contract that’s centrally managed by your community’s accounts team, administrative burdens are reduced for residents and their families. Plus, with only one payment to handle each month, billing processes are simple, and any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently by contacting Enseo’s responsive technical support team. Enseo’s managed TV services come with streamlined billing processes that are transparent and fair.

Clear, Simple Billing

Avoid confusion and frustration with easy-to-understand billing statements

No Hidden Fees

Transparent pricing without taking advantage of residents and their families

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Community Revenue Opportunities

Add a nominal senior TV administration fee to resident monthly invoices and still offer significant cost savings compared to an individual contract. This approach allows communities to create a sustainable revenue stream while improving quality and affordability.

Streamlined Move-In and Move-Out

Our system is designed to make transitions as smooth as possible for both new and departing residents:

  • Quick Setup: New residents can enjoy their TV service immediately upon moving in, without waiting for individual service setups.
  • Efficient Disconnection: Easily manage service termination for residents moving out, reducing administrative burden on community staff.
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Enseo’s patented MySite technology allows community managers to view, monitor, and update senior TV systems from anywhere. MySite helps identify and address issues quickly to keep your system running smoothly and enhance the living experience for residents. With the ability to monitor the system remotely, care teams can achieve stable operation and develop the flexibility and confidence to care around the clock.

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Alleviating Technical Load for Community Staff

Enseo’s managed TV services relieve community staff from the complexities and technical challenges associated with disparate TV services:
  • Centralized Management: All TV services are managed from a central point, simplifying operations.
  • Technical Support: Enseo provides comprehensive technical support, so community staff don’t have to handle technical issues.
  • Consistent Service Quality: Ensure all residents receive the same high-quality TV service, reducing complaints and service interruptions.
By choosing Enseo’s Senior Living TV services, your community can enjoy a modern, reliable, and user-friendly television experience that enriches the lives of residents while simplifying operations for staff.


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Senior Living TV FAQ

Looking for some quick answers on senior living TV systems? Here’s a quick list of frequently asked questions.

What is Managed TV and how does it benefit senior living communities?
Managed TV is a centralized television service that provides high-quality, cost-effective TV solutions, eliminating the need for individual contracts and setups.
What channels are included in the senior TV packages?
Senior TV packages from Enseo include local channels, customized community-wide channel lineups, premium channels, and access to popular streaming apps, providing a wide range of entertainment options for residents.
How does Enseo's direct resident messaging service work?
Enseo’s direct resident messaging service allows community staff to send important announcements, reminders, and other messages directly to residents’ TVs, ensuring timely and effective communication.
Can residents access streaming apps through Enseo's TV service?
Yes, residents can access a variety of popular streaming apps as part of Enseo’s senior TV packages, offering them a vast library of shows and movies to choose from.
What are the benefits of choosing managed senior living TV system over individual TV contracts?
Senior TV packages offer significant advantages, including cost savings for residents, simplified setup and billing processes, accessibility features designed for seniors, and an overall higher fidelity service, making it a superior choice over individual TV contracts.