Go Touchless with enseoCONNECT

Scan & go! Don't touch the remote.

enseoCONNECT wins HTNG's 2020 Techovation Award!

enseoCONNECT Elevates Your Guest Rooms

Guests just scan a QR code on the TV

enseoCONNECT instantly lets guests use their smartphones control their technology experience:

  • TV
  • Room lights
  • Thermostat
  • Shades
  • Any other connected devices

Watch the enseoCONNECT demo

Go touchless with enseoCONNECT

Scan & go! Don’t touch the remote.

enseoCONNECT supports ALL guest smart devices, networks & Wi-Fi!

IoT Smart Device Control

Streaming Web Apps

Interactive TV Guide

UI Branding Available

No Downloads! No Wi-Fi! No Logins!

Guests don’t need to touch the remote control!

  • No more using the remote control to type! Enter streaming app logins with smartphone keyboards.
  • Change the channel.
  • Browse & select programs with on-phone interactive channel guide.
  • Control in-room smart devices from the phone like lighting & thermostat.

Go touchless with enseoCONNECT

We’re all working to rebuild consumer confidence in the new normal.

As hotels reopen with new practices and policies to reduce the risks associated with COVID-19, enseoCONNECT helps you reduce points of contact required for guest interaction.

Keep Your Guests Connected

  • enseoCONNECT supports ALL guest devices, networks & Wi-Fi.
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows, and more.
  • Stays connected even when outside the guest room.
  • Guests can adjust the thermostat, TV channel, lighting, etc all while being away from the hotel room.

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