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CORE Create runs on the CORE by Enseo platform.

CORE Create

Update Your TV Screens

User-friendly, visual designer that runs in any browser

Update in Minutes

Modify content across the entire hotel, individual rooms, or group blocks

84 Million Satisfied Users Per Year

Can't Be Wrong

Reliable Service

23 years of industry-leading innovation

Serving 60+ Brands

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Enseo integrates with any tech ecosystem

4 screens showing the following: phone and TV demonstrating casting of the movie Sing. Laptop shows editor view for clients to design messages that are delivered to room TVs. iPad shows detailed 3d image of the installed system's health.

Stop Replacing Outdated Tech

With Enseo, Upgrades are already supported


reliance on conflicting tech providers.


the hardware you've already invested in.


old tech with updates, not replacements.

A handful of devices running Enseo services including TV, laptop, and smartphone. Depicts the guest experience and hotelier experience.

Platform Growth

The constant need to replace repurposed consumer devices locks hoteliers into a cycle of needing a new hardware solution every few years.

At Enseo, we see value in supporting each hotel’s individual technology ecosystem. Our platform fits into your hotel’s tech space and support upgrades as it ages. It’s one initial investment that provides lasting, dependable results.

Hotel TV

Linear HD TV, the most popular streaming apps/OTTs,  customized branding, on-screen hotel directory, and add-on apps: Enseo’s TV solutions scale to your hotel.

Powered by CORE, this same system can supercharge your hotel technology experience with managed Wi-Fi, room controls, and staff support & safety.

Essential Services for Every Hotel

Hospitality Technology

Businessman working from hotel. Executive manager on his laptop in hotel room.

Managed WiFi

Deploy wireless access points inside rooms, lobbies, gyms, outdoors – everywhere reliable high speed internet is required. 

  • Reliable Internet Connectivity
  • Tiered Access Levels
  • Manage Conference Connections
  • New Revenue Streams

Room Controls

Turn any room into a smart room with managed smart devices. Connected rooms can save 15-20% in energy costs per room.

  • Automate energy management
  • Lights, Thermostat, Shades, & More
  • Connected rooms save energy
  • High-tech guest controls available

Staff Safety & Support

Support your people with safety-first technology solutions to daily challenges using MadeSafe by Enseo. 

  • Wearable Silent Panic Alarm System
  • Available for Hotels & Schools
  • Meets local safety requirements
  • Reliable alerts in all building types 
The Enseo Logo. The word "Enseo" beside a star. Enseo is the premier provider of hospitality and senior living technology solutions.

Enseo’s Nevaya Cloud platform: a solution approved by Google for the use of Chromecast in hospitality settings. 


Casting Available now

Nevaya Cast™ by Enseo available for new installations and as retrofit Chromecast solutions

Access to Thousands of Apps

Guests stream their content on hotel room TVs

Enseo Apps

Entertainment is just the beginning.

Want an on-screen, custom library of media content? Enseo has an app for that. Need a way to send messages to guest rooms and groups? Enseo has an app for that, too.

See below for a few highlights of our wide selection of add-on applications that have you and your guests covered.

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