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MadeSafe Employee Safety System

The Platform that Protects

MadeSafe is the quick and accurate employee safety device solution.

Don’t miss your important state, local, or brand deadlines! MadeSafe is available for immediate installation!

Enseo is proud to be an Allied+ Member of AHLA and a 5 Star Promise Program Sponsor.

Learn about MadeSafe

Time is critical in an emergency. With MadeSafe, employees simply hold a button to immediately alert designated safety personnel.

Watch this short video to see how quick, easy, and effective MadeSafe is.

The Time to Act is Now

Hospitality Safety Legislation and Union Requirements are changing rapidly

Workplace safety is an important topic that has become a prominent focus in recent years. Legislators, unions, workers, and safety organizations focusing on this issue are enacting positive changes across the U.S. hospitality industry.

Map showing the safety legislation status of several states in the U.S.
The legislative landscape for hospitality safety laws, as of September 2019

While laws, ordinances, and requirements differ on specifics, Enseo has identified some commonalities across these regulations.

Common Features of Legislation

Hotels must provide employees a "panic button" (not an app)
Panic buttons must alert persons who have a duty to respond
Screamers or "sound grenades" are NOT sufficient
Panic buttons must identify the worker's location
Monetary penalties for failure to meet requirements

Simple. Accurate. Dependable.

MadeSafe has been in the hands of housekeepers since 2015. Now in its 4th generation, MadeSafe today is available as a standalone service or as an added feature for hotels using other Enseo services.

Catapult Standalone Gateway

Personal Locator Device

Standalone Gateway or IRE Platform

MadeSafe Station


Everything You Need

  • Built for hospitality
  • Immediate installation available
  • Easy to use solution protects worker privacy by only providing location when activated
  • Only employee safety system featuring interactive 3D maps & reporting tools
  • Installs at full occupancy with no rooms out of service
  • Configurable to any policy and procedure
Full suite of MadeSafe devices including PLD, MadeSafe Station, and various alert screens across multiple digital devices
Complete installation of MadeSafe includes personal location devices (PLDs) for housekeepers & hotel staff, MadeSafe gateways, MadeSafe station for testing, real-time 3D map of your property, and access to MySite™ for monitoring & reporting on any device.

MadeSafe Works for ANY Hotel

Any age, any size, any infrastructure – MadeSafe is a proven safety solution that fits every hotel.


J.W. Marriott Essex House

43 stories | 527 rooms


Millennium Knickerbocker

11 stories | 300 rooms


Residence Inn Chicago Loop

35 stories | 381 rooms

Built for Hospitality

Five years ago, Enseo worked with hospitality unions in New York to develop the MadeSafe solution to meet legislative requirements and, most importantly, housekeepers’ needs.

Enseo has been your technology partner in hospitality for 19 years. That’s why MadeSafe includes important features like:

  • Tools for testing your solution
  • A full reporting & analytics suite
  • MySite 3D Property Maps
  • Room level accuracy, even in skyscraper hotels
3d property map of a hotel on Enseo's Site tool
MySite™ gives you the power to monitor the status of your property in real time. Combined with MadeSafe, MySite's 3D live maps with room-level accuracy provide an unrivaled view of your property in critical moments.

The MadeSafe Advantage

Full suite of MadeSafe devices including PLD, MadeSafe Station, and various alert screens across multiple digital devices

Built for hospitality and developed to meet legislative requirements and housekeepers’ needs.

Recognized as an Allied+ member of AHLA and a 5-Star Promise program sponsor.

Works for ANY size hotel, ALL hotel constructions and on ANY hotel infrastructure including coax, ethernet or Wi-Fi.

U.S. Based 24×7 Guest Support Services and System Management.

Interactive 3D property maps with comprehensive reporting.

Installs during full occupancy with no rooms out of service.

Easy to use solution designed for privacy protection only providing location when button is pressed.

Available for immediate installation and cost effective when leveraging existing Enseo equipment.

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