MadeSafe® Employee Safety System

MadeSafe Quickly Locates Employees in Distress

MadeSafe is a complete employee safety system that precisely locates employees in crisis.

Medical Emergencies

Guest or Employee Altercations

Suspicious or Dangerous Persons

Sexual Harassment

Time is critical in an emergency.

Some of our most vulnerable, underrepresented populations, such as housekeepers and hotel staff, are often alone as they carry out their daily routines.

That’s why we designed MadeSafe as a way to simply tap a button that immediately alerts designated safety personnel.

Help is Just a Button-Click Away

MadeSafe is simple to use in unexpected situations. Every employee receives an employee safety device (ESD). Once activated, the ESD transmits the employee’s name and exact location. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Activation


The employee presses the button for 3 seconds until the light turns red

Step 2: Location


MadeSafe displays the employee’s name & pinpointed location on a 3D map

Step 3: Active Alert

Active Alert

MadeSafe shows the employee’s location(s) until the crisis is resolved

Step 4: Resolution


Only the designated safety response personnel can clear the alert

Helping Housekeepers and Hotel Staff Feel Safer

The security of knowing that someone will come when the MadeSafe button is pressed is invaluable to MadeSafe users. Enseo believes that feeling of well-being goes hand-in-hand with the need to create safer environments for our customers.

MadeSafe Base Station

Base Stations are dedicated consoles deployed at secure locations onsite.

They allow staff to test and monitor the entire system with an easy-to-use interface.

Assign names to buttons

Test button battery life

View live alerts

Setup email & text alerts

Simple. Accurate. Dependable.

MadeSafe has been in the hands of housekeepers since 2015. Now in its 4th generation, MadeSafe today is available as a standalone service or as an added feature for hotels using other Enseo services.

Catapult Standalone Gateway

Personal Locator Device

Standalone Gateway or IRE Platform

MadeSafe Cloud

MadeSafe Software Suite

Wearable Safety Devices that Protect Your Privacy

Enseo worked with hospitality unions in New York to develop the MadeSafe solution to meet legislative requirements and, most importantly, housekeepers’ needs.


MadeSafe uses Enseo in-room technology to quickly locate an employee when the wearable panic button is activated.


When activated, the panic button transmits a geolocation signal that indicates the location of the employee on a 3D property map.


Associates are not tracked until the panic button is pressed, ensuring associate privacy and providing peace of mind.

Now available for schools

See how MadeSafe is helping promote student well-being and improved safety measures for campuses.

4 Products in One Platform

Get the latest streaming apps, HSIA, employee safety system, and Fido energy management in ONE platform!

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