Wearable Panic Button For Employees: MadeSafe Employee Safety Devices


Time is critical in an emergency. With Enseo’s employee safety system, workers simply press a button on their wearable alarm to immediately alert designated safety personnel. Geolocation signals direct responders to the worker’s exact location, saving crucial time.

MadeSafe Personal Location Devices (PLDs) displayed both shut and open. When shut, it resembles a key fob. When opened, a red button with an exclamation mark is accessible. Instructions on the cover say "ALERT. PRESS & HOLD." The employee safety device displays a small red light to indicate active alert.

Enseo is proud to be an Allied+ Member of AHLA and a 5 Star Promise Program Sponsor.

The image features a logo with the text "AHLA ALLIED MEMBER" in black and red, alongside a stylized red building icon that forms part of the letter 'A'.
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The Quick and accurate employee safety device System

Satisfies Local, State, & Union Requirements

MadeSafe, now in its 5th generation, is a localized employee safety system. Engineered to protect worker privacy, the system accurately locates employees within inches, but only in the event that a safety device is activated. MadeSafe can send alerts to, and be monitored by, designated safety personnel from anywhere.

A MadeSafe employee safety device, also known as a personal location device (PLD). It resembles a key fob in shape and has a hole for a lanyard to easily attach so as to be carried by staff easily who can then activate in an emergency.

Employee Safety Device

MadeSafe wearable personal safety devices are roughly the size of a key fob. When pressed, they send a signal to the nearest Gateways and transmit continuous location data.

The image shows two black devices, one rectangular and flat, the other more bulky and upright, with "CATAPULT TECH." branding visible, possibly electronic equipment.

MadeSafe Gateway

Deployed across the property, Gateways enable connectivity everywhere: hotel rooms, back of house, public restrooms, housekeeping closets, outdoor areas, etc.

A computer screen displaying information during an active MadeSafe alert. It says: "Room 343. Avery Jenkins. Last Known Locations." There is a table underneath that shows 3 locations in the past two minutes, and that Avery Jenkins has moved from room 340 to room 343.

MadeSafe Station

Dedicated monitors connected to the MadeSafe system ensure alerts and proper safety device maintenance.

A 3-dimensional map representing a skyscraper hotel. On the top floor, one room has a red dot, indicating an active MadeSafe alert.

3D Map in MySITE®

One of MadeSafe's most unique features. More importantly, MySite allows monitoring of workplace panic button alerts while on or off-site.

The Time to Act is Now

Hospitality Safety Legislation and Union Requirements are changing

Workplace safety is an important topic that has become a prominent focus in recent years. Legislators, unions, workers, and safety organizations focusing on this issue are enacting positive changes across the U.S. hospitality industry.

A Safer workplace, faster

Immediate installation available

Enseo deploys MadeSafe installations during full occupancy, putting no rooms out of service. After install, training and documentation are provided at your pace. The system is designed to be configurable to any policy and procedure, so you can train, select your policies, and build a safer workplace for employees.
foreman in blue uniform and white hard hat laying wiring in a hidden false ceiling system

Not a Phone App

No Versions To Manage. No Confusing Icons.
No Searching for the right app.

Thinking is hard in an emergency. MadeSafe’s dedicated Employee Safety Devices make calling for help easy: press one silent button.

No Smartphones Required

MadeSafe does not rely on employees' wide variety of personal devices or require your company to purchase smartphones.

No Unreliable GPS

Other solutions using emergency phone apps often use GPS for location, which is known to be unreliable in building environments.

A confused woman looks at her smartphone with dread

Offer Peace of Mind with Employee Safety Devices

Given that 58% of housekeepers report sexual harassment and 49% have encountered guests exposing themselves, traditional safety measures often lack the ability to provide adequate personal safety for hotel employees. That’s where employee safety devices come in, offering a powerful solution that provides additional safeguards in situations where workers are alone. MadeSafe, a wearable panic button for employees, presents an immediate way to notify designated responders when something goes wrong.

By equipping employees with a mobile panic button like MadeSafe, organizations empower workforces with an instant means of communication and assistance during emergencies. Plus, fostering a culture of care and accountability not only reduces the risk of incidents. It also contributes to higher levels of job satisfaction and retention.

diverse group of hotel workers wearing hotel uniform

Ensure Reliable Connectivity

Every MadeSafe Personal Location Device can be tested for battery life and connectivity to ensure reliability. Plus each PLD can be assigned an individual name, so you know exactly who has an emergency and where they are.

MadeSafe PLD and MadeSafe Station during test mode. The employee safety device is attached to a blue lanyard with the indicator light on. The MadeSafe station says "DETECTED Madesafe PLD" with a long ID number, followed by the name "Jane Smith." The screen and PLD indicate that the device and system are functioning as expected.
Young hotel manager with tablet standing in front of escalator

Built for Hospitality

Protecting Housekeepers & Staff for a decade

Enseo worked with hospitality unions in New York to develop the MadeSafe solution to meet legislative requirements and, most importantly, housekeepers’ needs. Since 2014, MadeSafe has provided peace of mind for hotel workers across the U.S.

Privacy & Protection

Respect employee privacy & improve workplace safety

As a privacy-first ESD solution, MadeSafe protects worker privacy by providing location data only when activated. Once a wearable panic button is pressed, the unique, interactive 3D maps & reporting tools make locating an employee’s exact location accurate within inches.

A smiling housekeeper enters a hotel room carrying 3 fresh towels and a small bottle of mouthwash.

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MadeSafe FAQs

Want to know more about how the MadeSafe mobile panic alarm system works? We’ve got you covered with this helpful list of frequently asked questions.
Does MadeSafe use GPS?
No, MadeSafe relies on a unique tracking system specifically designed for hotel settings. GPS location can be inaccurate indoors due to signal strength and other issues. Unlike a wearable panic button with GPS, MadeSafe can accurately identify the location of an alert, whether it’s in a skyscraper in New York City or a small hotel in the countryside.
Do employees need a smartphone?
No. In a high-pressure situation, users don’t have time to fumble for their smartphones to open an app and activate an alarm. That’s why the MadeSafe wearable panic button for employees is designed to function independently.
How long does the battery last?

MadeSafe batteries typically last for a full year with normal usage. Unlike other wearable personal safety devices, MadeSafe does not rely on frequent recharging to ensure reliable protection.  

How does MadeSafe identify the person who pressed the button?
With MadeSafe, each wearable panic button for employees can be assigned a unique name. This ensures that responders can easily identify the employee who pressed the button and their precise location during an emergency.
What is the range of coverage for MadeSafe within a hotel?
The coverage range for MadeSafe is highly customizable. Hotels can define covered areas to include indoor spaces, outdoor spaces, guest-facing areas, back-of-house, and any other necessary locations. This flexibility allows organizations to tailor their procedures for active alerts and covered areas to their specific needs.
Can a workplace panic button be activated by accident?

No, not easily. The Madesafe employee safety system has been designed for ultimate ease of use. The panic button is protected in an indent behind an easy-access flip cover. So, while intuitive operation is a given, it’s very difficult to push the button accidentally.  

Is MadeSafe compliant with local, national, brand, and union safety regulations?

Yes, MadeSafe complies with safety regulations at local, national, brand, and union levels. As a sponsor of the AHLA 5 Star Promise program, Enseo is committed to promoting employee safety devices in hotels. Our wireless panic button alarm system ensures real-time alerts, allowing for immediate action in dangerous situations.

How does a wearable panic button enhance workplace safety?

By leveraging the capabilities of MadeSafe, employers demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being while proactively mitigating potential risks. From enhancing emergency response times to cultivating a safer and more supportive work environment, wearable alarms represent a versatile solution for modern workplace safety challenges.