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The Enseo VOD New Movies app running on a TV, showcasing the latest Hollywood movies still in theaters.

Introducing Videos On Demand by Enseo

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Now Streaming

Excite your guests by bringing Hollywood’s premier blockbusters and new releases right into their rooms. 

Whether guests prefer action, comedy, drama, or family films, Enseo’s VOD service ensures a constant stream of new content from all the top Hollywood studios.

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Earn Revenue

You read that right. Generate extra income with every movie purchase made by your guests.

The Enseo Streaming Apps page, which includes Netflix, YouTube, and Enseo VOD New Movies.

Incorporated into the TV, guests can easily navigate between linear content, hotel information, and VOD.

The image shows a graphical user interface for a movie rental system, featuring "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" with options to bill, play trailer, or exit.
Charges for movie purchases will be conveniently included on the guest’s hotel invoice.