Room Controls

The complete architecture to

manage smart devices in guest rooms

Also known as Integrated Room Automation, Enseo’s Room Control solution turns any room into a smart room.


Enseo’s Room Controls solution is available as part of our powerful CORE platform. That means reliability, ease of use, and robust analytics that help save money.




CORE by Enseo, Connected Hotel Room

Connected Devices

Energy efficiency with smart room controls

Open Standards

Built to support the widest variety of devices & manufacturers. That
to support whenever and however you need them.


Customize settings for timing & conditions to manage room energy usage.
Automate TVs, temperature, lights, shades, and more

fast & Easy Installation

Fast installations on the system you already own. No construction or new wiring required.

SITE: The Superior Management Hub

With up to 250 data points per room, SITE provides one visual interface to manage, track, and diagnose your system. 

A Better Way to Save

Room Controls don't have to be expensive

Other IoT systems are proprietary, complex, and most of all expensive. Enseo’s Room Controls solution supports the widest variety of smart devices by committing to open standards development. 

A handful of devices running Enseo services including TV, laptop, and smartphone. Depicts the guest experience and hotelier experience.