The Next Generation of Hospitality Technology

CORE by Enseo

CORE is Enseo’s industry-leading platform re-imagined.

CORE by Enseo is the most powerful, adaptable, and innovative technology solution in hospitality and senior living.

CORE Advancements

Monitoring & Reporting

User Interface Advancements

Customer Managed Content

Metrics & Analytics Reporting

Hardware Support

CORE is Powerful Adaptable Innovative


CORE is built to support platforms beyond the scope of Enseo’s own in room hardware solutions. Featuring support for Smart TVs and other platforms, CORE maximizes usage of your existing room devices.

No hardware required*

*For supported Smart TVs, CORE requires no additional hardware. That’s lower cost and fewer devices for you to manage.


Using a cloud architecture, CORE empowers hoteliers to update TV content instantly. Update the whole hotel, multiple hotels, group blocks of rooms, or individual rooms.

Instantaneous Reporting

  • Cutting-Edge Control over property systems
  • Unrivaled Visibility into general operations
  • Enhanced Insight into the guest or resident journey

"CORE represents Enseo’s ability to strengthen and expand over time."

CORE Create

Enseo's Property Content Management System

No Software Required
CORE Create is a convenient, user-friendly, visual design tool for updating TV content. It runs in every browser; no special software required. Update within minutes.

CORE Create design screen running on a laptop. Displays options to update text and images.

Core is the Source

of everything that Enseo Offers

CORE by Enseo advances hospitality technology to new levels of convenience and makes your technology platform a joy to experience rather than a burden to maintain.

Hotel TV

Managed WiFi

Room Controls

Employee Safety

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