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Your Price, Your Custom Solution

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At the core of our service lies flexibility and customization, empowering clients to shape their solution’s design and price point

Additionally, this flexibility is paired with revenue generation, creating a situation where senior living technology solutions benefit both residents and the community —residents save money, and the community enjoys new revenue streams.

Senior Living Community TV

top of the line TV entertainment

Enseo helps boost staff efficiency by putting caregivers in control of the entire TV experience. From customized TV line-ups to handcrafted apps that fit your community, senior care communities can elevate resident satisfaction with an unparalleled entertainment experience. 

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HD Channels

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Smart TV Features

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Big Button Remote

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Additional features include high-definition TV, interactive program guides, smart TV applications, exclusive branding options, and other enhanced services.

Make it your own

Personalize your TV channel lineup by mixing local and cable channels to create the ideal selection.

Enrich your offerings with in-demand streaming apps like Netflix and Pandora.

Create a warm, inviting design that’s as unique as your community.

Include valuable community information, from dining options to mail delivery times and upcoming events.

85 Million Users Per Year

24 Years of Industry-Leading Innovation

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Proudly Serving 60+ Brands

Trusted by industry giants & start ups

Customized to Every Property

Enseo integrates with any tech ecosystem

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Resident Engagement

Powerful Connectivity for Residents

Enseo’s senior living technology solutions enable communication and simplify daily tasks. Residents stay better engaged with their community while reclaiming independent living.

Higher Resident & Family Satisfaction

Simplify Move-In & Daily Tasks

Send Timely Announcements & Check-Ins

Save & Create New Revenue Streams

Empower Independent Living

Combat Social Isolation Among Residents

Send Custom Messages to Residents

Technology in senior living environments is more heavily utilized than many people realize. With 89% of seniors over 65 tuning into TV daily*, it’s a great chance to increase resident engagement.

Enhancing senior living with technology helps to create memorable resident experiences while organically increasing revenue. Display important messages, including event details, announcements, and special offers. Check-in with residents with interactive TV questions they can easily answer, all on the biggest screen in the room.

More Than Just a Communication Medium Study

A modern television displays an advertisement for "Trivia Night" with colorful letters, announcing complementary appetizers and drinks for purchase on Tuesday evenings.
The image shows a chocolate fountain with a person in the background, advertising a Valentine's Day celebration event with chocolate tasting on a monitor.

Send Targeted Messages

Communicate updates, special announcements, and events to residents through the resident’s TV.

A flat-screen TV displays an invitation to celebrate a 60th anniversary with wine being poured into a glass, symbolizing celebration, on the screen.

Message Groups

Group rooms together by location or level of care for announcements only viewable to those groups.

An illustrated wellbeing check-in is displayed on a monitor, asking, "Are you feeling well today?" with "Yes" and "No" response options.

Interactive Messages

Interactive yes/no questions that residents can answer such as “Are you feeling well today?”.

Managed WiFi

Reliable Internet For Staff & Residents

At Enseo Senior Living Technology, we build custom internet network solutions.

Choose the speed, reach, signal strength, coverage areas, and even set different access levels. It’s all about tailoring the network to meet the unique needs of your residents.

Every network is carefully adjusted for robust WiFi connections and includes smart reporting and adjustment tools to ensure seamless operations.

Senior couple sitting on a bench outside in a courtyard or park using a wifi tablet

Custom Managed WiFi Networks

Choose Speed

Set Reach

Pick Signal Strength

Elect Coverage Areas

Select Access Levels

Robust Reporting Tools Included

Smart Apartment Controls

Welcome to a new era of senior living engagement technology. Also known as Integrated Room Automation, Enseo can turn any apartments into smart apartments. 

Picture of a senior living smart apartment with remotely controlled TV, Thermostat, Shades, and Lighting

Manage Devices With the TV Remote

Manage TVs, lights, temperature, shades, and more from the convenience of the TV remote control. TV remotes are familiar devices that lean on long-term memory, making them easy to use for anyone.

With smart apartment room controls, residents gain the independence they deserve in their own homes and reduce the risk of accidental injuries from unnecessary movement.

Elderly person uses TV remote control from a seated position.

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Senior Living Technology FAQs

Want to know more about senior living technology trends, how senior living technology solutions work, and the benefits for resident communities? Here’s a handy list of frequently asked questions to help fill in any blanks.

What is senior living technology?
Technology in senior living facilities encompasses a range of innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of residents, including TV entertainment systems, managed WiFi networks, smart apartment controls, and resident engagement platforms.
How do senior living technology solutions enhance senior’s quality of life?
Technology plays a crucial role in enabling seniors to live happy and fulfilling lives by enhancing safety, connectivity, mental stimulation, independence, and enjoyment.
How does resident messaging work?

By partnering with senior living technology companies like Enseo, community staff members can send personalized and interactive messages and announcements. From daily reminders, such as mail delivery, to visitor alerts, it becomes easy for everyone to stay connected and informed about what matters to them most.

How does technology for senior living help address safety and security concerns?

Managed WiFi networks ensure reliable internet connectivity, enabling instant communication, speedy access to emergency services, and options to send timely alerts, check-ins, safety reminders, and more. Meanwhile, smart apartment controls enhance overall comfort levels and confidence.