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Hello from Richardson, Texas

We Are Enseo

Enseo powers and manages the world’s largest, fully-monitored, out-of-home media network. Our platform reaches 50 million people around the world each year.

We’ve been in the hospitality industry for over 18 years. We are the fastest growing technology-based services provider delivering sustainable innovation for the largest hotel groups worldwide.

Say it with us: En-SAY-oh

What does Enseo mean?

We’re really not that picky about pronunciation. No matter how you say it, the core meaning behind our name will always be the same.


To Think

We’re driven to confront problems head on. We think through them carefully and develop sensible, appropriate solutions that best benefit our customers and guests.

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To Do

We recruit top talent around the world to deliver our solutions and ensure the best experience, from the very first meeting through our top quality customer support.

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To Care

We care deeply about our customers and our community. We’re known for developing new products for specific problems and actively contributing to local community efforts.

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200+ Years Senior Management Experience

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

An image of Vanessa Ogle
CEO and Founder

Vanessa Ogle

Image of Bill Fang
CTO, VP Engineering & Dir. of the Board

Bill Fang

Image of David Simpson
Chief Product Officer

David Simpson

Image of Kristin Reichert
Chief Financial Officer

Kristin Reichert

Chief Cultural Officer
Chief Cultural Officer

Peyton Wimmer

Vice President of Human Resources
Vice President of Human Resources

Katy Ericson

Vice President of Marketing
Vice President of Marketing

Merk Harbour

Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Commercial Officer

Brad Bush