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The Enseo Logo. The word "Enseo" beside a star. Enseo is the premier provider of hospitality and senior living technology solutions.

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Enseo is proud to be an award-winning technology integrator trusted by more than 60 brands.

The Enseo Logo. The word "Enseo" beside a star. Enseo is the premier provider of hospitality and senior living technology solutions.

Hospitality Technology

Build the platform you need for your hotel, from essential services to a fully personalized experience.

A person sits on a couch, holding a remote and facing a flat-screen TV displaying streaming service logos, in a modern, cozy living room.

Hotel TV

The most popular streaming apps/OTTs, linear HD TV, casting, video on demand, customized branding, on-screen hotel directory, and add-on apps. 

The image shows a composite of a laptop displaying a hotel website and a picture of two people sitting poolside, with the branding "The Envy Hotel."

CORE Create

CORE Create is an intuitive visual editor for hotel TV interfaces, running smoothly in any browser like Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox. It allows hotels to manage UI content, including graphics, pictures, and videos, with ease. No special software, hardware, or coding required.

A television displaying a channel guide with an image of a happy couple embracing, set against a blurry natural background, indicating a wedding event.


Enhance events and boost revenue by programming custom TV channels. Upload videos and images for conferences, weddings, and more. Dedicated channels can feature corporate videos, event schedules, or personalized wedding content, with endless options for advertisements or hotel info.

This image is an advertisement for Taco Tuesday, offering a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) taco deal between 5:00 and 7:00 PM with a five-taco maximum per room.


Engage guests directly through the TV. Whether targeting all guests or specific groups, templates make it easy. Schedule messages or send them instantly to promote events, amenities, or gather feedback with on-screen surveys.

A person reading on a tablet in a hotel room with a laptop nearby.

Managed WifI

Modern, well-lit room with a smart thermostat displaying 72°F on the wall. There's a bed, desk, TV, air conditioner, and elegant pendant light.

Room Controls

A smiling person in a gray and white uniform stands confidently with arms crossed beside a trolley with folded towels and hotel room in the background.

Employee Safety Devices

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User-Friendly Guest Solutions

With 24 years in hospitality, Enseo understands the unique challenges to hotel technology. We provide solutions that focus on enhancing guest engagement and streamlining operations, coupled with a commitment to continuous support, regular updates, and a keen understanding of evolving technology trends

Enseo delivers everything from branded linear TV to sophisticated smart room controls, positioning itself as your go-to partner for seamless hospitality technology solutions.

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making memorable experiences for them is your craft.

Making Great technology experiences is ours.

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Say goodbye to complex tech

Did you know 20% of hoteliers hesitate to upgrade tech due to perceived complications, like price?* Enseo is here to change that perception. With Enseo, complexity becomes clarity. We’re not just experts; we’re your partners in effortless technology enhancement.

Enseo simplifies every step, removing the hassle and technical overload, making your upgrade journey smooth and straightforward.

Discover the simplicity of upgrading your hotel with Enseo.

* Enseo 2023 Hospitality Technology Trends Survey

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