In-Room TV is ranked the #1 Hotel Amenity

Is your hotel equipped?

Upgrade your in-room TVs with a customized in-room entertainment experience based on hotel needs.

  • HD channels with premium upgrades available from DISH Business
  • Streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max and more
  • Casting with a Google-approved solution
  • enseoCONNECT™ mobile remote
  • Customized hotel branding, and more


Live in-room TV viewing has increased in the last two years, make sure you are keeping up with guests’ needs.

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In partnership with DISH Business

Enseo is proud to partner with DISH Business, delivering linear, Free-To-Guest TV and exceptional guest entertainment experiences to over one million rooms nationwide.
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Looking for more than in-room entertainment?

As the premier provider for hospitality technology, we are proud to offer: