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Traditional guest room remote controls are well-known to house germs and are most often referred to as the filthiest item in a room.

With this in mind, Enseo created an easy-to-clean remote to give your guest and employees peace-of-mind.

  • No buttons to collect germs with a solid surface that can be sanitized.
  • Compatible with disinfectants described in CDC Guidance
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Button selection and arrangement based on user feedback
  • Dedicated Accessibility & Netflix buttons

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Whether you need 2 or 200 remotes or even more, Enseo cleanable guest remotes are in-stock now for immediate delivery. Fill out the form below, and within 1-2 business days, Enseo will contact you with specific details for your order, including payment method.

Please note that Enseo clean remotes are not waterproof. Sanitization refers to easily wiping down the surfaces of the remote. Do not dip or submerge remotes for cleaning purposes.

Enseo guest remote. A dark remote control with Netflix button, channel change, volume, and numbers. Flat surface allows for easy cleaning.