A person sits on a couch, holding a remote and facing a flat-screen TV displaying streaming service logos, in a modern, cozy living room.

Hotel TV by Enseo

The convenience of home, everywhere else.


Nevaya Cast is available for new installs and as a retrofit for Chromecast solutions

Fast. Convenient. Familiar.

With this partnership, Enseo delivers the Nevaya Cloud platform: a solution approved by Google for the use of Chromecast in hospitality settings. The partnership allows guests to stream their content on in room TVs as part of Enseo’s In-Room Entertainment solution.

An advertisement featuring a person's hand holding a smartphone with the "Sing" movie, a television showing an animated character, and logos for streaming services.
The image displays logos of popular streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and others, with a background collage of various scenic photos and instructional text.

Most Popular Streaming Apps

This is a welcome screen from a Marriott Bonvoy hotel's interactive TV system, featuring options like Watch TV, Stream, and Hotel Info with a timestamp at the corner.

Custom Welcome Screen

This image shows a television program guide interface with the "Innovation" theme, displaying a list of channels with scheduled shows and two people in a dramatic pose.

Interactive Program Guide

A person in a red soccer jersey is celebrating, fist raised, with a joyful expression. A camera operator and sports broadcast graphics are visible.

Live TV with Channel Banner

Example screenshot of a hotel directory page. The content of the page displays text overlayed on a wedding image.

Customized Hotel Directory

Content Guests Want

Get live TV including linear channels and premium channel upgrades. Plus get the most popular streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube directly on the guest room TV.


The best remote is your own device

No Downloads! No Wi-Fi! No Logins! Just scan a QR code on the TV.

enseoCONNECT instantly lets guests use their smartphones control their technology experience.

A person's hands holding a smartphone displaying various multimedia and streaming service icons on the screen. The background is not visible.

Enseo Apps

Entertainment is just the beginning.

Want an on-screen, custom library of media content? Enseo has an app for that. Need a way to send messages to guest rooms and groups? Enseo has an app for that, too. 

See below for a few highlights of our wide selection of add-on applications that have you and your guests covered.

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