Resident TV & Internet are Essential.

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Your Price, Your Custom Solution

At the core of our service lies flexibility and customization, empowering clients to shape their solution’s design and price point. 

Additionally, this flexibility is paired with revenue generation, creating a situation where both residents and the community benefit—residents save money, and the community enjoys new revenue streams.

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Customizable TV Line-ups

top of the line TV entertainment

With Enseo, you’re in control of the entire TV experience. From customized TV line-ups to handcrafted apps that fit your community, the possibilities are endless.

A person is sitting on a sofa, looking at a TV screen displaying a serene autumn scene with an on-screen menu in a cozy living room.

Resident Engagement

Powerful Connectivity for Residents

For communities, Enseo’s senior living technology enables communication and simplifies daily tasks. Residents stay better engaged with their community while reclaiming independent living.

Group of cheerful friends senior couple watching TV and laughing

Internet that Works for You

..and everyone else

At Enseo, we create tailor-made network solutions.  Select the speed, reach, signal strength, coverage areas, and even set different access levels. It’s all about fitting the network to your specific needs.

An elderly person with glasses, smiling, using a tablet and gesturing with one hand, is sitting on a sofa in a well-lit living room.

Smart Apartment Controls

Also known as Integrated Room Automation, Enseo’s Room Control solution turns any apartment into a smart apartment.

Cheerful woman and her elder mother, both smiling as they hold a remote control and watch TV.