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Simplified TV & Internet

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Enseo’s managed TV and Internet services provide senior living communities with convenient, easy-to-use connectivity. Let us handle the technical aspects while you prioritize exceptional resident care.

Take steps today to simplify your community TV and internet. With a focus on ease of use, residents can easily navigate and enjoy their favorite programs and online activities. Plus, communities can create new revenue streams and savings for residents and their families.

Cheerful woman and her elder mother, both smiling as they hold a remote control and watch TV.

Simplified TV & Internet

Arranging TV can be difficult, for both the community and the resident. It’s a lot to manage! 

Enseo makes the process seamless for residents and their families, so that everyday heroes can focus their attention where it matters most.

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Technology made simple & Affordable

Enseo’s senior living technology solutions offer an attractive suite of features that residents, caregivers, and families will love now and in the future.

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Options for Every Community

With a 23-year history of delivering innovative technology, Enseo’s affordable solutions can reduce monthly expenses and help communities implement new revenue streams. Plus, Enseo features support caregivers and enhance the resident experience with easy-to-use technology designed for senior residents.

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