Peace of mind for parents and teachers

MadeSafe Quickly Locates Staff in Emergencies

Wearable Alert Button for Teachers

Time is critical in an emergency. That’s why we designed MadeSafe as a way to simply tap a button and immediately alert designated personnel.

  • Medical Emergencies
  • Student Altercations
  • Suspicious or Dangerous Persons

Help is Just a Button-Click Away

MadeSafe is simple to use in unexpected situations. When activated, the button transmits the teacher’s name and exact location. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Activation


The teacher presses the button until the light turns red

Step 2: Location


MadeSafe displays the teacher’s name & pinpointed location on a 3D map

Step 3: Active Alert

Active Alert

MadeSafe continues to show the teacher’s location(s) until the crisis is resolved

Step 4: Resolution


Only the school’s designated personnel can clear the alert

Simple. Accurate. Dependable.

MadeSafe Base Station

MadeSafe Base Stations are deployed with every installation of MadeSafe at specified, secured locations. Base Stations allow staff to test and monitor the entire system with an easy-to-use interface.

  • Test button battery life
  • Assign a name to a button
  • Setup alerts
    • Add email addresses and/or phone numbers for text messages
    • MadeSafe will send alerts to these contacts
  • View alerts in progress displayed on a 3-D map of the campus
Image displaying a MadeSafe notification detailing employee name, current location, and last known locations

Simple. Accurate. Dependable.

We designed MadeSafe alert buttons to be simple and durable. They last for years and don’t need nightly charging.

Full suite of MadeSafe devices including PLD, MadeSafe Station, and various alert screens across multiple digital devices

Accuracy is Our Expertise

In a crisis, the most valuable information to first responders is location. This is the information Enseo specializes in providing with precision.

MadeSafe made its debut in a hotel that’s 40+ stories tall in the middle of downtown New York City. Now it’s in use in hotels large and small across the the country.


High-Resolution Detection Grid

MadeSafe uses Enseo in-room technology to create a highly accurate 3-D map of the entire school campus.


Pinpoint Accuracy

Wearable buttons work with deployed beacons in the school and send a precise location whenever activated


Respecting Privacy

Teachers are not and cannot be tracked until the panic button is pressed. Alerts are only received by designated personnel.

This ensures privacy and minimum interruption in the classroom while providing peace of mind.

MadeSafe Deployed at Lovejoy Independent School District

Image of a school with a teacher's MadeSafe alert button activated

Enseo’s MadeSafe® Alert System for Education Enhances Student Safety at Lovejoy Independent School District

LISD installed MadeSafe across the entire school district in each of its individual campuses, using each campus’s pre-existing coax wiring infrastructure.

“Our community working together can truly make a difference to improve the safety, security and well-being of our children while at school.” said Vanessa Ogle, Founder and CEO of Enseo.

MadeSafe in the News

ABC News WFAA: Lovejoy ISD adds panic button for teachers

  • By Captain
  • on Aug 17, 2018
At Lovejoy Independent School District, the superintendent is launching a new safety feature for all campuses. It’s called MadeSafe, created by Enseo.
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Fox4 News: Students return to class in Dallas, Fort Worth and other districts

  • By Captain
  • on Aug 20, 2018
Teachers in the Lovejoy school district in Collin County will have panic buttons. The system is already used in some hotels. It allows teachers to press a button in an emergency.
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Dallas Innovates: Lovejoy ISD First in Education Sector to Use Richardson Company’s Security Tech

  • By Captain
  • on Aug 20, 2018
Richardson-based Enseo first developed the security wearable for the hotel industry. Now, it's adapted its emergency notification tech for schools.
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MadeSafe School Safety System

  • Easy for anyone to use in an emergency
  • Works with any campus’ existing internet network
  • 3D campus map tracks alerts in real time
  • Text message & email alerts for first responders
MadeSafe Education

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