Screen displaying MadeSafe user interface for security personnel and a wearable Personal Locator Device on a lanyard

MadeSafe for Education

Silent Wearable Alert Button for Teachers

Quickly Locate Staff in Emergencies

Time is critical in an emergency. MadeSafe works in one step: the simple tap of a button.

Texas school funding available now

Texas schools have until 5pm on January 31 to secure critical funding from the Silent Panic Alert Technology Grant. 
Ensure your district isn’t left out of this important initiative.

Help is just a button tap away

MadeSafe was designed with minimal steps to activate a silent alarm: no need to unlock a phone, locate a mobile app, and navigate through the menus. Just one button: done.

Push the Button

Medical Emergencies

Student Altercations

Suspicious Persons

Render of a MadeSafe Personal Location Device. A black oblong object shaped similar to a key fob. Stamped with the MadeSafe logo.

So Easy to use

In unexpected situations, seconds are precious. When activated, the MadeSafe panic button silently transmits the teacher’s name and exact location. Dedicated personnel are standing by to respond to the alert. Here’s how it works.

Silent Activation

Press the MadeSafe button until the light turns red
Direction Arrows

Teacher Location Sent

MadeSafe sends detailed notifications & displays the alert on a 3D campus map
Direction Arrows

Active Beacon Alert

MadeSafe targets and displays the teacher’s location(s) until the crisis is resolved
Direction Arrows

Alert Resolution

Only the school’s designated personnel can clear the alert

Technology You Can Trust

These days, it’s hard to avoid thoughts of the most tragic possibilities. It may be comforting to learn that MadeSafe is not just used in schools. Enseo built its first version of MadeSafe to help keep housekeepers safe – and it worked!

Now running on its fifth generation in high-rise hotels in downtown NYC, spacious rural campuses, and everything in between, MadeSafe is tested, patented, and proven since 2014.

Defining Silent panic alert technology

Per the Texas SPAT grant:

Silent panic alert technology is generally defined as a silent system signal generated by the activation of a device, either manually or through software applications, intended to signal a life-threatening or emergency situation (such as an active shooter, intruder, or other emergency situation) requiring a response from law enforcement and/or other first responders.

THe Power of Flexibility

MadeSafe is a flexible answer to silent panic alert technology. It accommodates a variety of setups, allowing schools and ISDs to form appropriate response teams at a moment’s notice. 

Render of a MadeSafe Personal Location Device. A black oblong object shaped similar to a key fob. Stamped with the MadeSafe logo.

Personal Location Device

Worn by teachers and staff, the MadeSafe PLD is designed for ease of use and to prevent accidental button presses. Replaceable batteries last up to two years.

MadeSafe Station

Designated personnel receiving alerts can be tailored to suit school needs: school resource officer, school nurse or counselor, principal, local police department.

MadeSafe Gateway

Gateways create a network within the school and other covered areas. MadeSafe gateways work indoors and outdoors, and can be placed in hard-to-spot locations.

Reporting & Dashboards

MadeSafe includes full access to detailed reports, testing, custom PLD assignment, and more. Plus 3D maps of the campus help direct response teams to the alert location.

MadeSafe provides an easy, reliable method to plan, handle, and resolve unanticipated events.