MadeSafe – Employee Safety System Live Demo

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MadeSafe Quickly Locates Employees in Distress

MadeSafe is a complete employee safety system that precisely locates employees in crisis.

Medical Emergencies

Guest or Student Altercations

Suspicious or Dangerous Persons

Sexual Harassment

Time is critical in an emergency.

Some of our most vulnerable, underrepresented populations, such as housekeepers and teachers, are often alone as they carry out their daily routines.

That’s why we designed MadeSafe as a way to simply tap a button that immediately alerts designated safety personnel.

Helping hotel staff, educators and students feel safer

The security of knowing that someone will come when the MadeSafe button is pressed is invaluable to MadeSafe users. Enseo believes that feeling of well-being goes hand-in-hand with the need to create safer environments for our customers.

Wearable safety devices that protect your privacy

Help is Just a Button-Click Away

MadeSafe is simple to use in unexpected situations. Every employee receives an employee safety device (ESD). Once activated, the ESD transmits the employee’s name and exact location. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Activation


The employee presses the button for 3 seconds until the light turns red

Step 2: Location


MadeSafe displays the employee’s name & pinpointed location on a 3D map

Step 3: Active Alert

Active Alert

MadeSafe shows the employee’s location(s) until the crisis is resolved

Step 4: Resolution


Only the designated safety response personnel can clear the alert

Enseo is taking its MadeSafe Demo across the US

to show the power of our highly accurate employee safety system

Enseo employee explaining MadeSafe to an attendee at the AHLA Safety Summit

We’ll announce on our next destination soon for the next live demo of Enseo’s panic button solution for hotels and schools. Keep an eye on this space for the latest details!

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4 Products in One Platform

Enseo provides in-room entertainment supporting the latest streaming applications, high speed internet access, efficient energy management via IoT, enhanced networking and distance learning options for schools, and so much more.

MadeSafe can be a part of the same platform you have for In-Room Entertainment, Distance Learning, and IoT Room Control!

  • Fast, Accurate Location Data
  • Continuous Location Displayed
  • Instant Alert Notifications
  • 3-D Hotel Map
  • Preserve Employee Privacy

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