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Prioritize the health & safety of your people with touchless solutions, contact tracing, virtual front desk agent, and more

Enseo has the platform, teams, and resources to adapt and keep businesses moving forward.


Scan and go! The touchless solution for guest room control of connected devices.

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Enseo is a proud AHLA Allied+ Member and supporter of AHLA Safe Stay

Enseo actively participates in industry-wide discussions promoting enhanced hotel safety measures and cleaning practices, including safer social interactions and work place protocols, and reduced person-to-person contact to meet the new health and safety challenges and expectations presented by COVID-19. 

Reopen with Confidence

Enseo’s Return to Readiness suite of solutions helps workplaces put health & safety first, improve customer confidence, & promote streamlined business operations.

As the world adjusts to the new normal, Enseo has redirected its efforts to help companies acquire the tools and procedures required to promote the safety and well-being of their employees and customers.

VERA (Video Enabled Remote Agent)

Introducing VERA: a full service virtual front desk agent solution powered by Cisco & Catapult Tech.

With VERA, guests begin their hotel experience with a digital concierge checkin process hosted by a live front desk agent through the safety of a Webex portal screen.

VERA helps guests and employees adhere to recommended social distancing guidelines by reimagining hospitality in a contactless world. VERA reduces face-to-face contact by relying on remote communication technology.

  • In partnership with Cisco Webex and Catapult Technologies
  • ADA compliant - accessible for people with disabilities
  • Scalable, secure, seamless interface for PMS systems
  • Maintain full service, human-to-human interaction with customers
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MadeSafe Checkpoint

Checkpoint’s touchless interface identifies associates with elevated temperatures before shifts and prevents workplace entry.

Build workplace confidence by identifying employees with unsafe temperatures before they enter the workplace.

The MadeSafe Checkpoint Thermal Scanner verifies associate temperatures at shift start. Checkpoint uses a simple pass/fail metric that respects employee privacy and only permits associates with company-approved temperatures into the workplace.

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The MadeSafe CheckPoint Thermal Scanner is not an approved FDA Thermometer and should never be used solely or primarily relied on to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other disease.

MadeSafe Orbit Contact Tracing Solution

MadeSafe Orbit tracks employees who have come into contact with other at-risk employees.

The CDC recommends contact tracing as a key strategy in the fight against COVID-19.

Contact Tracing is an effective disease control strategy that involves investigating cases and their contacts and then interrupting disease transmission—typically by asking cases to isolate and contacts to quarantine at home voluntarily. Contact tracing is a key strategy to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

MadeSafe Orbit detects and record when employees are within 2 meters of each other. This data can later be analyzed in the case of employee exposure to a contagious disease. MadeSafe Orbit provides critical information so companies can notify affected employees quickly and discreetly, without providing the name of the individual.

  • Contact Tracing technology in line with CDC recommendations to slow the spread of COVID-19
  • Detect employees who have come in contact with at risk employees
  • Monitor employee contact interactions that are less than 2 meters apart
  • Promote employee privacy, confidence, and a healthy workplace
Learn more about MadeSafe Orbit

MadeSafe CleanRoom Sanitization Checklist

Provide guest confidence and transparency for room sanitization and staff with an auditable checklist that reports the status of each guest room.

Rebuilding customer confidence in sanitization procedures is critical. MadeSafe CleanRoom reassures guests that their room has been thoroughly cleaned to hotel standards.

When guests enter their room,MadeSafe CleanRoom, provides digital sanitization checklist they can browse through and verify.

  • Communicate clearly and transparently with guests about sanitization procedures
  • Provide guests confidence that room cleaning procedures are established and trackable
  • Easy-to-use and sanitary checklist for housekeepers
  • Available on guest room TV and guest smartphones via enseoCONNECT
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LobbyView Hotel Sanitization Quickview

LobbyView increases the visibility of cleanliness processes to reassure guests and provide peace of mind.

LobbyView repurposes lobby signage to feature a live 3D map of the hotel's sanitization status and the status of associates on shift.

Build guest trust through transparency and communication. LobbyView provides an immediate view of the property's readiness for guest arrival. LobbyView can be updated through automated API integrations or through manual input.

  • Lobby signage showcases 3D view of room sanitization
  • Provides immediate view of entire property readiness for guest arrival
  • Informs guests of current associates’ status
  • Flexible and convenient update methods
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Additional Contactless and Clean Products

Fido Room Control

Turn any hotel room into a smart, energy-efficient hotel room through intelligent room control & automation


Communicate hotel updates, special offerings and events with guests through the guest room TV

Easy-to-Clean Remote

Easily sanitizable, solid surface remote that is compatible with disinfectants described in CDC guidelines

Get Back to Business

Our Return to Readiness products are engineered to help businesses reopen effectively and get back to business.

Enseo’s contactless technology products help companies address COVID-19 concerns head-on as a part of procedures and training to reduce spread with social distancing, sanitization and reduced contact technologies.