The Street: Planning A Trip Soon? Your Netflix May Come With You

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By Tracy Byrnes | May 9, 2017

Image from the Street's Interview with Vanessa Ogle. It says the The Next Generation of In Room Hotel EntertainmentThe next time you walk into a hotel room and the TV has a welcome with your name on it, make sure you thank Enseo.

Started 17 years ago by tech guru Vanessa Ogle, Enseo is an in-room entertainment and media solution for hotels like Marriott, Gaylord, Fairfield, Ritz-Carlton and Millennium. Enseo helps you get your own Netflix and stream your own music in your hotel room.

Enseo’s network reached more than 20 million people in 2016 – and that pace is not slowing. Even more importantly, the company provides immediate cost-savings for the hotels by keeping energy costs down and providing necessary data.

We got to spend time with Ogle at one of the Marriot’s premiere properties in Manhattan.

Watch the Interview at The Street

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