Cloud, telco providers show the promise of 5G edge

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Fueled by vendor innovation, interest in 5G wireless networks and edge computing is growing, but IT leaders must first evaluate the cost and efficacy of these converging technologies before committing.

Businesses are intrigued by the convergence of 5G wireless networking and edge computing to fuel their enterprise applications. And while the market for such capabilities remains nascent, IT leaders should prepare for the arrival of these technologies, which are maturing rapidly thanks to telco operators and cloud software makers, experts say.

5G comprises next-generation wireless internet standards and technologies capable of running up to 20 times faster with 120 times less latency than 4G.


The CIO of Enseo [Kris Singleton], a provider of streaming media and other technology services for hospitality chains, says she is interested in upgrading the company’s hardware and software to accommodate 5G and edge technologies when they become more widely available.

The key is enabling the upgrades without significant capital investment, while also respecting the requirement for contactless services during the pandemic. To that end, Singleton prefers over-the-air firmware upgrades that she can push out to media devices operating on its clients’ properties versus sending out field technicians to swap out older hardware.

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