Fast Company: Security flaws threaten ‘panic buttons’ meant to protect hotel workers

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MadeSafe's 3D map of a property displayed on a smart phone and laptopThe very existence of less secure devices and vague regulations in certain jurisdictions, however, could threaten the confidence of the 1.2 million or more frontline staff who will soon be required to have the device on their person at all times.

“That is not only a real concern—we are seeing that happen today, where some of the independent hotels or smaller brands are being presented with a lower-cost solution,” explains Vanessa Ogle, the CEO of Enseo, makers of the MadeSafe employee safety system. “When this happens, not only are we putting individual teams at risk, but we’re really challenging the confidence levels of the employees, the unions, and the investor-owners, and that slows down the adoption of good products.”

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