Hotel Management: In-room entertainment gets high-tech boost

The Enseo Logo

The combination of limited options for social activities due to COVID-19 and the explosion of at-home entertainment options is keeping hotel guests in their rooms, putting increased pressure on entertainment suppliers to keep up with new demands.

Vanessa Ogle, founder and CEO of tech supplier Enseo, said that 2020 has given the company a chance to shine. “We had this incredibly powerful communications portal and platform that was ready to do all of these new things that became much more important in the era of COVID-19,” she said of Enseo and its sister company and cloud platform provider Catapult Tech.

In order to meet new demand, Enseo activated new features in its technology, Ogle said, securing more than 70 total patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over the course of 2020. “Because we had spent so many years investing in the core platform, we were able to quickly turn on new features that were latently available, such as EnseoConnect—the ability to have a touchless experience with your room.” EnseoConnect turns mobile phones into a remote control, letting guests manage the TV, lights and thermostat without touching any other device.

In February, Enseo finalized a deal with WarnerMedia to allow participating hotels who subscribe to Enseo and the HBO service to let guests access the complete HBO library during their stay, whether or not the guests subscribe to HBO.

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