Hotel Technology News: How Hotel Automation, Communication and Personalization Technologies Help Take the Guest Experience to New Heights

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By Kris Singleton, Enseo President & CTO

Throughout the pandemic, hotels have struggled to meet guest expectations and needs while addressing staffing shortages and sanitation and safety concerns. If anything has become clear in the hospitality industry post-pandemic, it’s that there’s no going back to meeting guest expectations the pre-pandemic way. Feedback from hoteliers indicates that guest returning to travel have higher expectations now than before COVID-19. Guests want all the perks they had before the pandemic in addition to an increased level of value and experience.

For starters, adopting technology to ensure guest comfort and safety is critical to balancing customer needs with hotelier limitations. We’ll highlight three areas where hoteliers can focus their technology efforts to take the guest experience to new heights: automation, communication, and personalization and staffing optimization.


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