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FierceVideo: Enseo CEO: Netflix, Hulu integration driving change for hotels’ in-room services

by Samantha Bookman | Oct 26, 2016 Over-the-top services like Hulu and Netflix are starting to power up a completely different vertical from media and entertainment: the hospitality industry. The SVOD services are driving a sea change in many hotels’ marketing strategies and value-adds for consumers. Case in point is Enseo, a vendor that sells IP technology packages[...]
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Forbes: Netflix Is Coming To More Hotel Rooms: Can This Boost The Company’s Revenues?

By Trefis Team | August 19, 2016 Recently Netflix announced a partnership with hospitality company Enseo to provide the Netflix app in more hotels. Under this agreement, guests staying in hotels with devices powered by Enseo can watch Netflix content either by using their existing Netflix account or signing up for a new one. Enseo’s systems are available[...]
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Netflix is coming to more hotel rooms worldwide

By Sarah Perez| Aug 17, 2016 Netflix and an Enseo, the makers of an in-room entertainment platform for the hospitality industry, today announced an expanded agreement that will see the Netflix app offered in more hotel rooms around the world. Through the Enseo system, hotel guests will be able to log in to their Netflix accounts[...]
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tnooz: As Marriott and other brands tap the Internet of Things, Enseo grows

By Juliana Shallcross | Feb 25, 2016 When it comes to hotel rooms, the Internet of Things (IoT) is more than just a universal remote. Nearly a decade ago, smart tablets began popping up on the nightstands in hotel rooms, giving guests the ability to control room functions such as lighting, curtains, and temperature all from one place[...]
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