The Enseo Logo. The word "Enseo" beside a star. Enseo is the premier provider of hospitality and senior living technology solutions.

Essentially Yours

Ensure every stay is exceptional. From check-in to check-out, Enseo powers a seamless hotel tech experience for your guests.
A collage showcasing various digital devices displaying content related to "The Envy Hotel", including a webpage, analytics dashboard, and a floor plan alert system.

In partnership with DISH Business

Get More with CORE by Enseo

Enseo’s CORE platform does everything you need for hotel TV with better support, dashboards, data, and functionality.

Two smiling people are lying in bed under a white duvet, holding a remote control, possibly about to watch television together, looking happy and relaxed.

Essential Tech

Simple, reliable, HD TV. Keep your provider OR get special pricing from DISH Business.

A person wearing a black mask, vest, white shirt, and glasses is focused on a tablet inside a well-lit, modern-looking interior space.

Deep Data

Monitor and measure your system. Detect & correct problems before your guests do.

This image shows two children and two adults in a hotel room. One child opens a mini-fridge, a person works at a desk, and both overlook the kids.

Bells & Whistles

From streaming apps and casting to updating your TV screens and much more, CORE powers it all.

Go as you Grow Approach

Add services as you need

Start big or small. Enseo’s flexible CORE platform supports you with the same high quality customer support, dashboards, upgrades, and data. Add what you need when you need it.

A handful of devices running Enseo services including TV, laptop, and smartphone. Depicts the guest experience and hotelier experience.
The image shows a red, rack-mountable electronic device labeled "SMARTBOX 2" by DISH Business, possibly a satellite signal distribution system for commercial applications.


Save Energy. Save Space. Save Money.

Get More Power.

Enseo is proud to be a DISH Business integrator.

Flexible Pricing

that gives you more

Enseo is always innovating. That means you can count on new features over time, no matter what services you subscribe to.

A person in a formal suit and tie holding a tablet stands smiling in a well-appointed room with a bedside lamp and framed art.
Two people are seated by a pool overlooking palm trees, displayed across a computer monitor and a laptop screen, depicting a website design for The Envy Hotel.

CORE Create runs on the CORE by Enseo platform.

CORE Create

Update Your TV Screens

User-friendly, visual designer that runs in any browser

Update in Minutes

Modify content across the entire hotel, individual rooms, or group blocks

Two smartphone screens display a movie purchasing app interface with a list of films, including "Sing" and "The Grinch," emphasizing user interface and functionality.
The Enseo Logo. The word "Enseo" beside a star. Enseo is the premier provider of hospitality and senior living technology solutions.
The image shows a stylized text logo that reads "nevaya," written in lowercase with a modern, sans-serif font. The dot of the 'i' is orange.

Enseo’s Nevaya Cloud platform: a solution approved by Google for the use of Chromecast in hospitality settings. 


Casting Available now

Nevaya Cast™ by Enseo available for new installations and as retrofit Chromecast solutions

Access to Thousands of Apps

Guests stream their content on hotel room TVs

A family of four enters a room with a large TV displaying streaming services. They have luggage, indicating they are starting or ending a trip.

Hotel TV

Linear HD TV, the most popular streaming apps/OTTs,  customized branding, on-screen hotel directory, and add-on apps: Enseo’s TV solutions scale to your hotel.

Powered by CORE, this same system can supercharge your hotel technology experience with managed Wi-Fi, room controls, and staff support & safety.

Essential Services for Every Hotel

Hospitality Technology

Businessman working from hotel. Executive manager on his laptop in hotel room.

Managed WiFi

Deploy wireless access points inside rooms, lobbies, gyms, outdoors – everywhere reliable high speed internet is required. 

  • Reliable Internet Connectivity
  • Tiered Access Levels
  • Manage Conference Connections
  • New Revenue Streams
A person's hand holds a smartphone with a smart room control app open, inside a modern hotel room with a bed, nightstands, and wall art.

Room Controls

Turn any room into a smart room with managed smart devices. Connected rooms can save 15-20% in energy costs per room.

  • Automate energy management
  • Lights, Thermostat, Shades, & More
  • Connected rooms save energy
  • High-tech guest controls available
A smiling person in a gray and white uniform stands confidently with arms crossed beside a trolley with folded towels and hotel room in the background.

Staff Safety & Support

Support your people with safety-first technology solutions to daily challenges using MadeSafe by Enseo. 

  • Wearable Silent Panic Alarm System
  • Available for Hotels & Schools
  • Meets local safety requirements
  • Reliable alerts in all building types