PC Mag: Hands On With Netflix and YouTube at Marriott Hotels

The Enseo Logo

By Sascha Segan | July 14, 2015

Hotel pay per view is dying. Hotels have understood this for a while; as far back as 2006, Marriott loaded “jack packs” into many of its rooms to let you pipe your laptop through the TV. Now, a range of hotels use smart TVs, set-top boxes, docks or Apple TVs to let you pipe video from your laptop or smartphone into your TV.

Marriott’s taking a different approach. Using set-back boxes from LG and Enseo, hooked up to LG TVs, the chain lets you log into Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, YouTube, or Pandora right on your hotel room TV. I checked one out at the New York Marriott East Side, where every room is now equipped with the streaming boxes.

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