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FierceVideo: Enseo CEO: Netflix, Hulu integration driving change for hotels’ in-room services

The Enseo Logo

by Samantha Bookman | 

Over-the-top services like Hulu and Netflix are starting to power up a completely different vertical from media and entertainment: the hospitality industry. The SVOD services are driving a sea change in many hotels’ marketing strategies and value-adds for consumers.

Case in point is Enseo, a vendor that sells IP technology packages to a number of hotel chains. The company is in the midst of a massive ramp-up in sales of its combination Wi-Fi/entertainment/managed services products – the Enseo Room Operating Center, installed in each of a hotel customer’s guest rooms, and its “personal area networks,” which include room-specific Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio capabilities. The number of in-room entertainment packages being installed by Enseo skyrocketed from about 300 hotels at the end of 2015 to over 700 in October – driven largely by the system’s OTT video features that include Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

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