Cord Cutters: HBO GO is Now Free at Hundreds of Hotels

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By Luke Bouma | April 19, 2018

Traveling as a cord cutter can often remind you why you ditched cable in the first place. Whether it be the ads or the limited content selection, it is hard to give up your Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon as you travel.

Now HBO wants to make it easy to watch your HBO GO in your hotel room in partnership with Enseo. Now in hotels all over the United States, you will find HBO GO already installed on the TV and waiting for you in your room. The best part is you don’t even need HBO GO to enjoy HBO GO. WIth this version – guests are able to watch any HBOGo title without signing into the system. They just click the HBOGo link and HBOGo starts up all ready for them. All the same titles that are in the consumer version of HBOGo are available in the hotel version. There are no limits on the amount of content guest can watch.

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