DCEO: Four Women Leaders Breaking Barriers in Their Industries

The Enseo Logo

Vanessa Ogle


Vanessa Ogle sitting in a dark room in rocker attireWhen Vanessa Ogle founded Enseo nearly 20 years ago, she focused on designing and selling hardware and software to third parties, which in turn brought the technology into hotels and other “people places.” Using Enseo’s technology, hotel guests were able to purchase movies in their rooms. Six years ago, though, Ogle changed the company’s model.

Enseo created a versatile services platform that could deliver in-room management and entertainment, and Ogle bypassed the third parties and began selling directly to hospitality clients. To bolster confidence in the company’s new direction, Enseo hosted a party at the industry’s largest trade show. Ogle brought in a Las Vegas band, and found herself standing on a brightly lit stage, belting out ,“Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About.”

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