Hospitality Upgrade: The Platform that Protects

The Enseo Logo

In this exclusive Hospitality Upgrade interview, Vanessa Ogle discusses Enseo’s innovative solutions and talks about how the company meets the challenges of a quickly evolving industry.

Enseo’s powerful platform delivers multiple solutions to hotels of all sizes and brands. Built with an open architecture, the platform manages highspeed internet access as well as Enseo’s solutions for in-room entertainment, energy management and room control (IoT), and employee safety. “We’ve created a platform that protects — a series of cloud-based management tools interacting with various hardware devices, software applications and content,” Ogle said. “Enseo’s platform does more than other traditional entertainment systems. It’s a room operating center, a marketing hub, an IoT gateway and more. If an owner or a brand is going to invest in a platform, let’s protect that investment.”

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