Lodging Magazine: Vanessa Ogle: Hospitality Technology Trailblazer

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When Vanessa Ogle, CEO and founder of technology company Enseo, started her company almost 20 years ago, it was during a divergence period between commercial and consumer technology. Ogle says that those first few years were difficult, and that it was a challenge to get those in the industry to take her seriously. Rather than discouraging her, though, these doubters inspired Ogle to develop her business and grow her company, which, in turn, bolstered her confidence.

“Beyond my own confidence, I’ve also gained a sense that we, as women, are here. We have a position of leadership in our industry,” Ogle says. “To be able to calmly and confidently walk into a room and understand our position means that we can get more done, because we aren’t just trying to prove we deserve a seat at the table.”

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