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Hotel Management: The age of BYOC: Bring Your Own Content

by Elliott Mest | Jan 25, 2017 Vanessa Ogle, CEO of Enseo, a developer of set-top boxes and the only official partner of Netflix in the hospitality sector, expressed concerns regarding the industry’s ability to accommodate new technology to the degree that the market demands. She referred to the current state of network infrastructure in hotels as “archaic” in[...]
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Awful Announcing: Report has Netflix second-most watched in hotels, ESPN third

By Andrew Bucholtz | January 20, 2017 Offering ESPN has long been important for hotels, and recent data suggests ESPN is still one of the most-watched entertainment options there. However, it’s been passed by a surprising source: Netflix. This data comes from a report from Enseo, a company that enables hotel TVs to offer access to[...]
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Fox News – Study: Netflix now more popular than adult entertainment in hotel rooms

By Fox News | January 11, 2017 According to data from Enseo, a company that provides in room entertainment solutions for some of the world’s biggest hotel brands like Marriott, more hotel guests are streaming a show or movie from Netflix in hotels that have axed pornographic video-on-demand (VOD) than ordering traditional adult-themed programming. Around 1[...]
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HTNG Announces Three Partners in Platinum Plus Program

By Emily Wilson | January 13, 2017 CHICAGO (January 13, 2017) – Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) announces three companies signed on to participate in HTNG’s new Platinum Plus Program: Tink Labs, Trustwave and Enseo. Within the first month of launch, the Platinum Plus Program secured three out of its four planned spots for 2017.[...]
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Quartz: Netflix is even more popular than porn in hotel rooms

By Ashley Rodriguez | January 12, 2017 Hotel guests would rather Netflix and chill than watch pay-per-view porn, new research shows. Adult entertainment has long been a profitable source of in-room entertainment for hotels, but the proliferation of high-speed internet, and guests who bring their own streaming devices, has reduced the need for video rentals at chains around the world. Just[...]
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