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Nov 29, 2018

Image of a Lovejoy ISD CampusImmediately after seeing the solution, the Lovejoy ISD team asked Enseo and Ogle to demonstrate the product and talk them through the solution. Within two weeks, the team decided to move full steam ahead, telling Enseo they wanted a MadeSafe panic button around the neck of every Lovejoy staff member by the first day of school—which began in five weeks.

Enseo was up to the challenge. From the moment that Enseo knew and understood that Lovejoy wanted the solution, they began working to set up the system.

“They instantly had everything we needed at the tip of their fingers,” Ogle said of the Lovejoy administration. “I’ve never seen an organization so well organized. From data on blueprints, data on network infrastructure, wiring diagrams, building diagrams—they gave us access to everything.”

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