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Tech’s four superpowers come with kryptonite

By John Foley | July 18, 2018 It’s hard to be a skeptic at a technology conference. The excitement about advances that really could change the world is contagious. VMware chief Pat Gelsinger extolled the “four superpowers” of tech this week – the cloud, mobile devices, connected gadgets and artificial intelligence. The problem is these[...]
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Hotel News – Opinion: The OTT Revolution

Hotel room with writing desk and TV displaying Enseo's interface
By Mahak Mannan | July 18, 2018 With the rise of OTT services, global streaming of OTT video content reached a staggering 12.6 billion hours last year, according to online video analytics company Conviva. People everywhere continue to stream more OTT content every year, and it’s no surprise that we have come to expect these services to[...]
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Hospitality Net: BLLA Conference touts boutique hotels’ faster technology adoption

HospitalityNet | June 19, 2018 One advantage boutique hotels have over larger companies when it comes to new technology adoption is the fewer number of decision-makers, said the panelists. “The larger brands have these huge organizations that are silos,” said Enseo CEO Vanessa Ogle, adding that larger companies often have different people deciding amenities related[...]
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Voyage Dallas: Meet Vanessa Ogle of Enseo in Richardson

Vanessa Ogle Playing a Guitar in a rock band
October 25, 2017 Vanessa, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. I founded Enseo in 2000. It was a 2-year process to start Enseo as I purchased a division I worked for from a large, silicon-valley backed, publicly-traded corporation. I founded[...]
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YPO: The Revolution Is Coming to a Hotel Near You

Like most people, the idea of paying USD20 in a hotel room to “buy a movie” never made sense to Vanessa. As the years went by, and more and more travelers journeyed with their own personal mobile devices on which they could work and watch movies and stream TV, it seemed like a personal affront.[...]
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